So Easy to Start a FT@H Program


Starting a First Teachers @ Home Program is So Easy to Do!

Here is an easy list of steps to take to offer a First Teachers @ Home program in your community:

  • You can start a First Teachers @ Home program at lots of different places:
    • Your church, your school, your community center, your non-profit, etc.  (Space: FT@H works easiest with 2 rooms — one for the parent classes and one for their kids who come with them.  Ideally, adults prefer sitting at a table with chairs and children love some space for various activities, but we have programs that started in a closet, with kids working in an adjacent hallway.)
  • Enlist some people to help you. You’ll need a Parent Coach:
    • The Parent Coach goes through each week of the curriculum with the parents. Retired teachers love doing this, but so do lots of people who have either volunteered at a Sunday school class, or has kids, or is just comfortable talking with people.  We do ask each volunteer to go through 3 hours of training (First Teachers @ Home staff can do this either in person or on Skype).  We do recommend that volunteers at schools or at public programs get a criminal background check.
  • You’ll probably need a Children’s Instructor:
    • They guide kids in fun learning activities and games that compliment what parents are learning, using the Kids Curriculum.  They get the same training as a Parent Coach and the same criminal background check if your program is at a school or a public setting. By the way, 12+ year old kids make great volunteers, especially at after school and evening classes.
  • For afternoon classes some parents may need to bring their school aged children.  You may want to enlist a volunteer who could spend some time just helping with their homework.
  • Recruit parents to come to the classes:
    • The single most effective way to do that is to talk to potential parents. If you group already has some event or meeting scheduled that is a good time to talk to parents about the program.   You can go door to door in your neighborhood, talk to other organizations to get them to help, and publicize that First Teachers @ Home classes are starting.
    • Before you begin talking to parents, make sure that you already have a day, time and start date figured out.  Put together a flyer (we can help with that) so you have something to give parents when you talk to them.  Get other local groups involved so that schools, churches and other groups in your neighborhood can pitch in to help.  It never hurts to offer families a meal or at least giving children a snack bar.
  • Collect the supplies that are listed in the back of the curriculum. You would be surprised at how many people have things in their home that they will happily donate.

Please contact us at First Teachers @ Home – we’re happy to answer any questions and help you start a First Teachers @ Home program.  You can email us or call us at 205-960-6864